Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on to ensure humanity is on its best trajectory, live my best life while doing it, or because I thought it was a good idea at the time. I also ran a sales team at 19, started a profitable mobile phone repairs business alongside medical school, ran operations for a quant trading firm, and sometimes read stuff.


80,000 Hours

Research and advice to help you find a fulfilling career that does good

We’ve tried to think through social impact career choice from first principles. It’s hard picking favourites, but here are some of our most important research:

  1. What are the world’s biggest problems?

  2. Why the long-run impact of your actions is overwhelmingly important

  3. The case for preventing humanity’s extinction (if you needed convincing…)

  4. These are the world’s highest impact career paths according to our research

  5. Positively shaping the development of artificial intelligence

I think our podcasts are also important for communicating our worldview, see particularly: #134447610 & 31.




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