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Hi, I’m Peter McIntyre

I’m the Director of Coaching at 80,000 Hours, having deferred my fifth year of medical studies, in order to have more impact. I’m trying to use this life to make the world as good as it can be. Check out the 80,000 Hours online career guide for working out what to do with your life – I wish I did this much earlier.

I’m also the Founding Director of Effective Altruism Australia, a tax deductible charity that partners with programs identified as the most effective at saving and improving lives, which raised over $400,000 in its first few months.

I wrote some stuff over at on concepts concepts from psychology, philosophy, economics and other disciplines to help you understand the world, make better decisions, or at least sound smart.

I also managed a large sales team when I was 18, and started a mobile phone repairs company.

Read more about effective altruism, me, or get in touch.